SIMStation Enterprise

SIMStation Enterprise

Full-fledged AV-Systems with a new level of quality, flexibility and versatility for training and simulation facilities


SIMStation Enterprise is the ultimate and most flexible solution for simulation centers needing to operate multiple recording/training units, broadcast live audio-video streaming, and video playback for debriefing at the same time. With the view of bringing the modular concept of SIMStation Pro to the next level, SIMStation Enterprise has been designed as multiple distributed SIMStation Pro units. In doing so, all data associated with each training and debriefing unit are centralized and mirrored via SIMNetwork to SIMStorage and can therefore be retrieved and synchronized from any SIMStation Recorder or Debriefing Player within SIMNetwork.

This ensures that

  • each SIMStation Recorder is able to connect with each registered training room for data synchronization with other SIMStation modules
  • multiple live streams (multicast) can be broadcast to SIMStation Debriefing Units for live observation,
  • each SIMStation Debrief system located in any conference room provides users access to all SIMStation resources to reduce undesired scheduling conflicts and overlapping of training sessions.

Planning and design of turnkey solutions

With its multidisciplinary team, SIMStation covers the entire range of services, from conception and construction, all the way to supporting ongoing operations. We offer professional support in the functional and technical planning of your simulation centre, install and assemble appropriate hardware and implement suitable software. After successfully launching, we provide training and ongoing services, which also include regular comprehensive software upgrades.


SIMStation Manager

The innovative SIMStation Manager is a web-based solution allowing the facilitator to prepare and post-evaluate training units effortlessly and regardless of his location at any time. The web application makes it easy to set up individual training units and scenarios based on customized data bases. Video recorded scenarios can be reviewed, assessed, edited and exported to various file formats.



Basic Units

Every simulation room comes with several HD network cameras (1080p), microphones and a speaker system (Voice-of-God). PTZ dome cameras, stationary cameras or mobile, wireless cameras are respectively advisable according to the desired purpose. SIMStation is compatible with all models of AXIS, the market-leader in network cameras.

Every control room comes with a compact server-case, in which the essential wireless and AV technology is housed. The SIMStation recording software is operated via one or more extensive touchscreens. With a conference microphone it is possible to talk to other instructors or to the simulation rooms.

Every debriefing or live transmission room is equipped with a SIMStation Player. Via the player’s HDMI output, both small meeting rooms and large auditoria can host recordings, on TV panels or projectors respectively. Video debriefi ngs and live transmissions are controlled via the SIMStation Tablet.

Modular concept. Any number of training, control and debriefing rooms can be linked to a SIMNet by connecting the components via conventional network cables or Wi-Fi. The installation work required is therefore minimal. Newly connected components such as cameras, tablets or network storage are automatically detected and integrated into the SIMNet. The SIMStation Tablets are not bound to specific rooms, but can instead be used by the instructor in every room. The network-based architecture also makes it possible to connect multiple centres – or make simulations accessible – over the internet.

High scalability. The modular concept behind SIMStation’s product range makes it the ideal choice for all simulation centres wishing to expand their facilities, premises and capacity over the years. It is possible to start out with a basic confi guration and later expand the system step by step through the addition of further components. In contrast to conventional, centralised and server-based systems, which from the outset must be set up with any potential future upgrades to maximum capacity already in mind, SIMStation is a modern, modulated system, which automatically, using the principle of a “private cloud”, uses the resources of all connected devices and expands their capacity with every additional component added.

Reference projects. In our young history we have realised numerous projects throughout Europe, the US and the Middle East. The range extends from mobile in situ simulation systems and medium scale simulation centres in hospitals and paramedic schools, all the way up to major training and educational centres at medical universities. Amongst our many renowned clients we count university clinics in Zurich (Switzerland), Vienna (Austria), Munich (Germany), London (UK), Paris (France), Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) and Karachi (Pakistan).

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