SIMStation Essential

SIMStation Essential

The first ultra-mobile high-end video debriefing system


SIMStation Essential is the first ultra-mobile high-end video debriefing system. Thanks to a high degree of mobility, the system with its unique SIMStation Recording and Debriefing Software is perfect for in-situ simulation and EMS trainings, as well as all for simulations which demand a very short setup time and are led by only a small technology and trainer team. An excellent camera which can be controlled through the software as well as a high-quality interface microphone ensure high recording quality. SIMStation Essential fits into a trolley case and weighs less than 22kg/48lbs, making it possible to even transport the system in airplanes without any problems.

SIMStation Essential components

SIMStation Recording/ Debriefing Laptop A high-quality laptop which functions as recording unit within the control room as well as debriefing player in the debriefing room.

SIMStation Tablet Enables additional annotation of events during the scenarios and also serves as control for debriefing (control and playback of videos).

SIMStation Network-Box Central unit in the training room for connecting all components via a network cable or a wireless network.

PTZ IP-HD Camera Equipped with a 30× zoom and autofocus. The control of the camera is fully integrated into the SIMStation Recording Software.

Interface microphone Used for broadcasting and recording the spoken sounds.

Recording/Debriefing Software The software is operated via the laptop and includes all essential functionalities for recording, annotating and debriefing, with famously simple usability.

SIMStation Pro or Essential, which is the right choice?


SIMStation Pro

SIMStation Essential

Size and weight

5 cases ~ 100kg/220lbs

1 case ~ 22 kg/48lbs

Easy to install, move and transport, designed for use in mobile (in-situ) scenarios


Extendable and scalable solution for simulation centers with multiple training, control and debriefing rooms



Max. number of cameras supported


up to 3

Video recording resolution



Max. number of microphones/audio sources

up to 20, fixed or wireless

1 fixed microphone

Software package

Full SIMStation software suite*

Recording & debriefing software only

Yearly software updates and extensions


Expandable with SIMStation add-ons


Service & Support


Let us know if you need our support
for your SIMStation or training!