SIMStation Pro

SIMStation Pro

A pre-engineered, transportable high-end system, easy to set up, easy to operate

SIMStation Pro is the most advanced high-end solution for videosupported simulation. SIMStation Pro facilitates high-end simulations and debriefings of a quality previously only achievable in complex, stationary simulation centres.


Easy to set up!

The SIMStation Pro system is pre-engineered and already configured with all necessary hardware and software upon delivery. We have designed the system so that even people without specific technical know-how are able to assemble and operate it. Assembly of the system is very straightforward: one merely needs to connect each component and room to a single network cable. The entire assembly time takes between 15 and 45 minutes, depending on location and circumstances.

Easy to operate!

SIMStation offers uniquely intuitive and easy-to-operate software, the design of which has been developed by leading simulation experts. During recording you operate the SIMStation Pro Control & Recording Software intuitively via touchscreen and label important events which you wish to bring up later during debriefing. For debriefing you then use the SIMStation Tablet, which as a “personal assistant” offers the trainer unique operational comfort in controlling the debriefing and thus increases its efficiency.

SIMStation Pro allows simulation experts to realize training and debriefing of the highest quality

The basic equipment contains all the components and functions necessary for the assembly of a training room, control room and debriefing room:

Training Room

  • 3 HD-quality cameras
  • 5 wireless microphones plus 1 ambient microphone
  • Patient monitor capturing

Control Room

  • Voice-of-God, Voice-to-Trainer
  • Full HD recording in 1080p, labelling of important scenes and checklists

Debriefing Room

  • “Debriefing deluxe” with mobile HD projector and SIMStation Tablet
  • Live transmission of scenario in debriefing room

Your simulation center fits in a small car

Recording Box
35.0kg/77.2 lbs
w/h/d 55/50/40cm


Accessories Box
30.4kg/67.0 lbs
w/h/d 55/50/40cm


Monitor Box
17.5kg/38.6 lbs
w/h/d 55/17/70cm


10.5kg/23.1 lbs
w/h/d 55/40/20cm


Debriefing Box
17.2kg/37.9 lbs
w/h/d 55/20/60cm


Top mobility alongside top quality. This was the demand, in response to which, with the assistance of renowned simulation trainers from Europe and the US, we designed our system. When choosing each individual component, we ensured that it was lightweight and could be stored in a way which saved space. All components have been clearly arranged in individual lightweight aluminium flight cases.

Lightweight and space-saving. Each case can be lifted by one person, problem-free and with only medium effort. All the equipment fits inside a standard-sized car, and can be quickly installed at each training place.

Flexible and upgradeable at any time! The basic equipment of the SIMStation Pro can be subsequently upgraded with additional SIMStation components at any point. In this way it is possible to upgrade the components for several training rooms (with up to 20 cameras), several debriefing rooms, as well as several control rooms, and so, from a mobile, flexible basic system, outfit a fully-fledged, multifunctional simulation centre step by step.

Service & Support


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