SIMStation - Debriefing App

Debriefing App

The SIMStation Tablet, linked via Wi-Fi, is the instructor’s universally applicable “personal assistant”. It can of course be used during training to set markers and annotations, but what really makes it special is how it facilitates a whole new dimension of quality and efficiency in video-supported debriefing. The instructor does not need to operate any other computers to bring up the videos.

They simply use the tablet in their hands, upon which all markers and annotations have been clearly and logically listed during the recording. One click on a marker is all it takes to start playing back the appropriate scene on a TV panel or projector. PDF, Power- Point and Learning Videos can also be seamlessly called up via the tablet and integrated into the debriefing.



User-friendly touch screen interface


Send and receive messages to/from control room or other tablets


Toggle quad split screen and single full screen video view


Seamlessly insert presentations or instructional videos during video debriefing


Write and save your own notes during debriefing


Control elapsed debriefing time with a timer


View live video from training room directly on the tablet


Play back the recorded scenarios


Directly jump to scenes in the marker list