SIMStation - Control & Recording Room Components

Control & Recording Room Components

The SIMStation Recording Box contains all the components of a simulation control room at the cutting edge of technology. High-quality technical components are installed in a compact rack-case (server PC, data storage, radio receiver, network and Wi-Fi components, professional audio hardware). The software can be operated via a full HD touchscreen.

The SIMStation Accessories Box offers ample storage space for all moveable components (e.g. mobile cameras, wireless microphones and headsets) and its dimensions match those of the Recording Box. For safe and tidy storage, the drawers are equipped with fitting foam material inlays.


SIMStation Tablet

With the included SIMStation App for Tablets, additional trainers can simultaneously control the training and set their own markers and annotations! As a result, any number of instructors can be involved in the training, and tasks can be better distributed.

The SIMStation Patient Monitor Capturing Unit
allows the patient monitors of all major simulator manufacturers (Laerdal, Gaumard, CAE) to be converted, via HDMI, DVI or VGA, into a network video signal, which is transmitted and recorded in HD quality without any time lag.

The SIMStation Instructor Microphone
enables you to communicate with the training room (“Voice-to-Room”), with the simulator’s loudspeaker (“Voice-to-Patient”) or with a training team member in the training room (“Voice-to-Trainer”, via In-Ear wireless contact.