SIMStation - Training Room Components

Training Room Components

The SIMStation comes equipped with professional wireless microphones used in stage technology, enabling you to individually or synchronously record and play back communication of up to 5 training participants. SIMStation also additionally provides a professional ambient microphone, which is capable of acoustically capturing the entire training environment. The compact and lightweight network cameras can be set up unobtrusively in the training room and provide an outstanding HD image quality.

Thanks to PoE-technology (“Power over Ethernet”), a single cable connects to the camera ensuring power supply and the transfer of video data. “Voice-Box” function: A flight case with enclosed loudspeaker system set up in the training room allows the trainer to communicate with participants in the training room. The camera’s network cables are also attached to the voice box.


SIMStation Voice Box

The SIMStation Voice Box comes with 6 network sockets for connection to the control room and up to 5 network cameras. Additionally, a Wi-Fi router for wireless cameras, audio-streaming hardware for Voice-of-God and Voice-to-Patient, as well as high-quality speakers securely cased in foam material inlays, are all integrated.

AXIS M1145 Network Camera,
a compact and robust static camera, is delivered as standard equipment with all SIMStation systems. The camera has an outstanding picture quality in 1080p (full HD) and can be made to zoom and focus in via the SIMStation software; thus it always offers the optimal viewing angle of the area being observed.

AXIS M1004-W
This wireless HD camera is compatible with all SIMStation systems! Despite its compact size, the camera offers very good picture quality, which can be transmitted and recorded live via Wi-Fi with practically no time lag (less than 0.2s).

AXIS P5635-E
With the ability to pan, tilt and zoom, this new PTZ dome camera is designed for use in simulation centres. It offers fully-controllable 360° all-round view, 1080p video quality (full HD) and a powerful 30 × optical zoom, the help of which enables optimal viewing of even small details in the training scenario.

AXIS T8310 Control Unit
This video surveillance joystick allows fast-responding, precise control of all PTZ and PTZ dome network cameras by Axis.

Sennheiser EW 100 G3
The EW 100 wireless microphone system is established as the standard system of professional stage audio technology. We deliver 5 of these wireless microphones with every SIMStation as standard. Upon switching on, the bodypack sender is immediately ready for operation and comes with batteries or accumulators according to preference.

Ambient Microphones
Depending on the field of use, it can be useful to employ ambient microphones as either an alternative, or in addition to the wireless microphones. SIMStation offers all necessary connection availabilities for wired microphone arrangements and will advise you of the appropriate ambient or interface microphone during your selection.